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be2 success stories

Since we began offering our services, we have received a lot of positive feedback from members, as well as numerous "success stories". These make us very proud and we would like to share some of them with you.


The personality test worked out for me

 One of my recommended partners was perfect for me. I realized that even during our first chats and especially when we met in person and spent whole 8 hours together in the first time and since that date, I love him. 

Love into the future

My love story started right here at be2 and I am still very happy and sure, that this love will last.
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Happy since one November night

My love story started one November night and we are really happy together, thanks be2.
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From be2 to dinner and …

be2 gave us the great opportunity to find each other and to get us known, before meeting in person.
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From chatting to wedding

I got in contact with an fantastic man, who could be the one for me, but we were separated by the atlantic ocean and spent a lot of good time on chatting and with telefon calls later on. We were not sure if this could work out for us, but today, we are planning our wedding day.
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My soul mate

Separated by 8 hours and several 1000 miles, we got us known via be2 and finally met in person. We realized that we found our soul mate.
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I found my beautiful wife

After five years I finally found my wife and we are happy since this time.
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I have found the right one

Love is a great feeling that everyone should be able to experience in their lives. With the right person, life is so much better. Stephen shares with be2 how, despite a very busy job that has him on the road a lot, he has finally met the woman to share everything and stay with forever...
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Thank you be2

I found a lovely man thanks to the dating review and we are planning our future together. At first I had doubts about this scientific method of love hunting...

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Found my perfect man

Finding love again after a long term relationsip that didn't work out can be such a dreadful thing. You feel you've been out of the game for too long to remember the dating game rules. It would have taken me forever. A friend mentioned be2 in a conversation one day, and I decided to check it out
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