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According to statistics, every second Adult (22 years and above) is single! Yes over 50% of the adult population is single. You are now probably asking yourself why then are you having a hard time meeting the right person if there are so many single girls and boys roaming around. The figure is today higher than it was 50 years ago when people also married at a younger age. The change visible today has been influenced, amongst other things, by the building of careers becoming the most significant ‘must do’ for both women and men. Statistics also reveal that on average an Australian woman will get married at 28, have her first kid two years later, and get divorced at 35 after 2 and a half kids. The second marriage would then have 65% chance of lasting another 5 years. For a lot of people today, Generation Xs, this does not sound unusual at all since we are already emerged in that deluded mentality that one does not need to be in love or in a relationship to be living life to the fullest. But let’s not forget that it has been scientifically proven that people in love are happier and do live longer. The most elusive thing for many, which has also sadly led to people giving up on love, is meeting adult singles that could be your true love. Where are they at?

What single men and single women really want

All these singles around must really have issues. Isn’t that the reason why they are alone? They have been dumped because they were doing something wrong or have dumped someone because they thought they could do better. And how realistic is, for example, every single woman’s description of a perfect man: must be tall (when even she is not that tall), handsome looks (so unfair! we can’t even control how we look), funny (we all have different humors), and rich and successful (I actually don’t want to be that rich, would rather spend more time building a happy family). We are all so caught in trying to find the perfect partner to fulfill us, that we forget that the person needing to improve is the same person making these long lists of attractive attributes-ourselves. You first step towards you chance at finding love and meeting single people should be working on yourself and what you have to contribute in a relationship. Be the change you want to see in the world.

A place for singles looking for lasting relationships

After determining what contributions you are willing to make in a relationship the second step is to get the help of a professional to bring you in contact with suitable single people. be2 offers its single members to meet other well-suited singles offering you a peace of mind knowing that the people you will be interacting with have been scientifically pre-selected for you, meaning something great and more serious will emerge from such interactions.

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