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I Lust You - How to Know if the Guy Has Nothing But Physical Desire towards You

Often times, it can be hard to identify whether your partner is really in love with you or what he/she’s feeling is just pure lust. The feeling you get after having a great sex can send you over to a new level of happiness making you blind from all the signs that your partner is not just so into you. Yes, it's good to get into a hook up once in a while as it doesn’t give you any responsibilities to your partner but the problem starts when someone starts to demand something. 

The Problem with Casual Hook Up

If you are doing casual hook up anytime you like, it's more likely that you know the rules. No emotions involved. It's just plain sex – no more, no less. Relationship counseling that was conducted to couples explained that women find it harder to get into a not-so-serious relationship and keep their emotions locked up compared to men. More often than not, women tend to develop feelings for their partners, which make them vulnerable. The problem with casual hook up is the fact that women are emotional and demanding by nature. When they give something, they want something in return. Women might tend to threaten their partners, cry in front of them or promise them everything. Sadly, this doesn’t convince a lot of guys.

If you are a woman, do not give in to a guy’s sweet words. The words “I love you” can mean hundred of different things. Just because he says he loves you don’t necessarily mean that he really do. He might just say those words so he can go under your pants and get what he wants from you. If you are not sure whether its love or just a physical desire, there are some signs that you need to take note.

Signs That He’s Just after Sex

While it might be tempting to believe his words and just hang around with each other, it's not a good thing to do especially if you are not looking for a casual sex only. Below are some tell tale signs that your guy feels nothing but physical desire towards you. 

Sign #1. He doesn’t care about your feelings. If you are talking about how sad, you feel because your mom ignores you today, he’s not interested in a deeper relationship with you.

Sign #2. You always do “love talk”. You don’t have a real conversation. You don’t talk about your future plans. He doesn’t open up to you. All you do is to flirt all day. Sure, it's good to lust after one another but if you don’t remember doing anything other than that, clearly, he is not in love with you.

Sign #3. Check the body language. Often times, a guy who is only after sex will lean on you most of the time. They will touch boobs, butt and your legs. This is the opposite of the typical in love guy who loves to hold your hands and touch your checks.

Before getting into a relationship, take it slow. Lust is a good thing but if you allow it to control your relationship, sooner or later, your relationship is bound to end and you will be left with a broken heart. No one deserves it. Remember that.