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The be2 review

be2 Australia is part of the biggest matchmaking network in the world

In Australia, be2 is considered a relatively new matchmaking service. In fact, be2 reviews show that be2 is the world’s fastest-growing matchmaker, with 30 million members who are registered in 37 countries, and searching for love, amore, amour... in 12 different languages. be2 has only been online in Australia since 2008, but the be2 reviews online show that the international matchmaker has an impressive track record all over the world.

The internal be2 review: always matching better

At be2 we are continuously reviewing our matching to make the most of a system that is unrivalled in the market for its simplicity and effectiveness. The registration process has been refined down to its bare essentials, so that it now takes little more than 15 mins to complete and concentrates on only the important dynamics of matching. This is in sharp contrast to many matching sites that bombard their customers with huge lists of superfluous questions. And here’s the best bit: be2’s matching system has got more effective since it reduced the number of questions it asked its customers.

be2 review: the support you need

be2 customer services centre has never been at greater strength, following a review of the function late last year. We now have close on 50 dedicated agents available around the clock to help customers get the most from be2, navigate the site effectively and find their dream partner.

be2 review: A new look site

Lots of work has taken place this year to review the look of the be2 site and brand. This is already live in many countries and set to appear in all be2 branches very soon. The new look and new product will do much to reinforce the key be2 development aims of simplicity and straightforwardness. The new look site will be even more ‘no-nonsense’ and deliver an enhanced service that will allow simpler matching and messaging between customers.

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We want to encourage our users to sound off on their experiences using our site such as 1) what you enjoy most, 2) suggestions for new features and perhaps most importantly, 3) if you’ve had success meeting someone special using be2.  This is a good way for us to improve and for potential new users to understand the value of our service.

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