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be2: Fraud Fighters

be2 fraud cases

Fraud unfortunately affects all internet companies and it also affects be2. Fraud comes in many different shapes and sizes, but these are the types we have to protect customers from at be2: fraud involving fake or misleading profiles, fraud involving sites that use and misrepresent the be2 brand, fraud involving the use of fake or stolen credit cards.

1. Tip from be2: Fraud involving fake or misleading profiles

Fake or misleading profiles are a constant worry to all online dating websites, including be2. Fraud of this nature is particularly nasty as it is the type that can most directly affect our customers and we do everything in our power to weed out such fake profiles. An entire ‘be2 fraud fighters’ team is in place that works continuously to monitor profiles and investigate any alerts from customers or staff. This way we ensure that the be2 site is as safe as it possibly can be for our customers to communicate with one another in a trusting and respectful manner.

2. Tip from be2: Fraud involving misrepresentation of the be2 brand

The brand of a company, what it stands for, what its values are – these are huge assets. We are very proud of the brand be2. Fraud involving misrepresentation of that brand is something we take seriously and have fought successfully in the past. Nonetheless we remain vigilant against websites that use be2 in their address or any other type of organisation that attempts to use the be2 name or logo without authorisation. If you ever have any doubts about an ad you see online or the authenticity of an e-mail you receive claiming to be from be2, you can always contact our customer services team to make sure that the correspondence is genuine.

Tips from be2: Fraud involving the use of fake or stolen credit cards.

Fake or stolen credit cards are a real problem for most companies, but especially for those trading online. Often people who are registering with be2 for fraudulent reasons use fake or stolen credit cards. be2 puts considerable effort into screening its payments and attempting to spot credit card fraud.

Help be2 fight fraud: If you have noticed fraudulent or suspicious behaviour on the be2 website, please do not hesitate to let us know.