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be2 complaints and how we deal with them

be2 complaints procedure

At be2 we take our customer complaints seriously and have a well established process for handling complaints and for making sure that customer feedback is embedded into our improvement strategy.

The first point of contact for be2 complaints is our dedicated customer service team. Nearly 50 dedicated customer care specialists work to ensure all messages from customers are dealt with promptly and effectively. Members of the team are encouraged to highlight ‘repeat issues’ that customers complain to be2 about on a regular basis and act as customer champions, raising these issues with other teams and seeking a satisfactory resolution.

be2 complaints: Our most common issues

be2 customers write in on all sorts of issues. Often they are seeking help with registration or the online questionnaire. Especially older users sometimes need help getting started with online dating . Our customer service team are full of ideas how to improve your chances of meeting the right person through be2. Complaints also come from members who are not happy with their matches and customers who are not getting replies to the messages they send.

Common be2 complaints solved - Our advice for improving your success rate on be2:

1. Some members at be2 complain about the quality of photos on the site. We encourage everyone to upload good pictures, but members can also encourage others to add a better picture to their profile. Ideally you will have at least two photographs on your profile. Your main shot as a ‘head and shoulders’ picture and the others as full pictures of you.

2. When customers on be2 complain about the suitability of their matches we advise them to change their ‘my search’ settings: Here you can change desired criteria like height, age or location. You can get more matches this way – or less, more specific ones.

3. Our tip for be2 complaints on not getting enough messages: Change the way you write your messages! The way you communicate with other members is the single biggest factor in how successful you will be. Don’t wait for the other person to make the first move, put the time in and message people.
4. Many be2 complaints come from members who have had trouble with payment, billing or the cancellation process. Please contact customer service directly if you have a complaint related to the be2 Premium Membership, so we can look into your case in detail.

If you have a complaint about be2, please get in touch with our customer service agent [email protected].