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be2 cancellation process

be2 cancellations procedure

It is easy to cancel your subscription with be2. Cancellation is possible at any time. Log on go to your be2 profile page and follow the instructions on the site. 


be2 cancellation: How to cancel online

Once you have decided that you no longer require the service (maybe because you have already found what you were looking for), follow these simple be2 cancellation steps: 

  1. Log onto your account and click on “My Profile”
  2. Click on “Settings” above your profile picture 
  3. Scroll down to the Premium Membership section. Here you will find information on the status of your Premium Membership, including the next renewal date.
  4. Click to edit your personal subscription options
  5. First, you can review the benefits of your Premium Membership. Click to continue through the pages until you are prompted to enter our email address and password 
  6. Click “Proceed” and “Yes” to confirm.
  7. You will see a message confirming your cancellation. 

be2 cancellation, deactivation or deletion

Please note that your be2 profile remains active even after the Premium Membership has been cancelled. If you want to deactivate your profile, please return to “Settings” and click on “Profile Status”. Once deactivated, your profile will no longer be matched with others, but you can reactivate it at any time if you want to continue looking for a partner. If you wish to delete your profile permanently, you can also do this under “Settings” > “Profile Status”.

be2 cancellation reasons – let us know!

If you want to cancel be2 because you met a new love with our help, please make sure you tell us about your experience on the site - we really want to hear your story! But also if you are leaving for other reasons or have useful feedback for us, we want to hear what you have to say.