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Advice from be2: Scams to watch out for

be2: Scam advice from the dating experts

The internet is full of amazing services to help find what you want in life, in work and in love. Services like be2. Scamming is, unfortunately, an ever present danger. Remember that if someone is really worth getting to know, they won’t rush you, they won’t overwhelm you with demands, and they certainly will never ask you for any money.

Scams can spoil the dating experience

Of course, the vast majority of people on the web are decent and honest as are the majority of websites, like be2. Scam initiators and dishonest punters make up only a small proportion of the people you are likely to meet. So don’t be suspicious of the entire online dating business, just keep your eyes open and don’t let your emotions take over…. until you’re sure the person you are getting to know is sincere.

be2: Scam fighting tactics

At be2 ‘scam’ is a dirty word. Our dedicated team of ‘ be2 scambusters’ ensures our site is a safe environment for the honest majority. No site can ever be 100% scam proof, however, at be2 we do our absolute best to ensure that the site is a safe place – but we need the help of our members to detect the scammers.

be2’s scam tips:

- be2 scam tip 1: Don’t give out personal information until you have exchanged messages for at least 1 week.
- be2 scam tip 3: If you are worried that a person is not who they claim to be, keep a track of their consistency. Ask them about themselves in detail and then ask them for similar details another time. See if they give the same answers.
- be2 scam tip 4: Don’t believe in fairy tales: If something feels too good to be true – make sure you stay super wary until your absolutely sure it really is the real thing.
- be2 scam tip 5: Never ever, ever ….talk, deal or even think about money in the context of an online conversation with a new potential partner. If they ask for money notify customer service that you suspect a scam – be2 will look into the case and ban the scam profile.

We are here to help: Remember – we are just as interested in fighting be2 scam profiles as you are. We can detect suspicious profiles with your help, to make be2 a better, safer service for everyone.