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How to find a Date – 5 Dating Tips for Single Parents

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Dating tips: For single parents in Australia, it can be hard to find a date. Most single parents ask themselves how to find true love. On the one hand, they don’t have many opportunities to meet singles – most of the single people meet at the playground, the kindergarden or in the paediatrician’s waiting room are likely to be taken. On the other hand, if they do meet singles and find a date, that person may not be interested in dating someone who already has kids. That is why we have put together 5 dating tips for single parents

1. Be honest – and find a date who is okay with dating a single parent

Single parents shouldn’t have to lie about their kids! They’re proud of them and sooner or later they will want their new partner to meet the other most important people in their life. However, depending on the situation you meet someone in, it can be hard to know when to casually drop in the fact that you have kids into the conversation. With the internet dating tips from be2 single parents can be honest upfront and look for people who are happy to date a single parent.

2. Be confident

Single parents have admitted in a past be2 survey that they miss the feeling of security a relationship gives them. However, the fact that they have their children in their lives often makes them more confident – which is an attractive quality that can help find a date.

3. Find a date first, a partner second and a parent for your children last

Most single parents are looking for a partner, not for a new parent for their kids. 49% of single parents think it’s essential that a new partner gets on with the kids and almost 20% think a previous relationship has failed because of the kids. With the dating advices from be2 it will be easier for single parents to find a new partner that fits into your little family. Nevertheless, you should focus on finding a date that is right for you first, the rest will follow.

4. Don’t neglect your partner

Some single parents say their kids will always come first, but 73% think the partner should be equally important. If you want to find a date that could turn into a relationship, you should be willing to make your new partner the second most important person in your life. It is easier than you think. Use the dating tips from be2 and find your perfect partner.

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