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Finding a Date - Experience a perfect date with be2

Date: Are you a person who prides themselves on being a confident go-getter, but constantly find yourself waiting around for that one perfect date? Or, are you the social type that has an endless number of friends, but have not felt that 'click' during a date? Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, dates are the one thing that everyone agrees are difficult and often uncomfortable, but be2 can officially change your feelings about finding a date. be2 can help you find a date match to eventually avoid all those uncomfortable first date scenarios and make each date fun and worthwhile.

Online dating is a science at be2

Dating on be2 is unlike any other website

The science of finding a date match

be2 is not your ordinary online dating website. We take a scientific approach to finding a date by suggesting a partner based on your online dating profile. This means we save you all that time and energy you take weeding through multiple evenings of awkward dates with uncertain conversation by selecting only suitable candidates for you.

Finding a date is truly simple with be2 because it can help you erase the constant worry of finding a date match, and it can erase the challenge of a first time interaction. In addition to an online profile with customizable privacy settings, be2 also offers the possibility to send short quizzes or private messages to singles who you find interesting. This convenient, yet personal interaction makes it a breeze to search for dates online. Plus, with more than 33 000 000 members in over 30 countries on 6 continents, you are bound to find the right match for you.

Simplify your dating life

Effortlessly find a date match

Everyone has been in the situation of never-ending chatting where the conversation, unfortunately, does not feel special. Whether you were at a club, a work conference or a family event, everyone has experienced one night of meeting and greeting a load of wonderful people, but missing out on that one connection or spark of interests. With be2, you don’t have to worry about uninteresting chit chat. We have the ability to match your profile with a selection of singles to find you a date match, then email you the results. A 40% success rate on be2 gives you the high possibility to effortlessly find a date.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar do not hesitate to try be2 to find dates. The process of finding dates online works with all personality types because it provides singles with a common ground. Whether you are an introvert, who loves staying in to watch a movie, or an extrovert, who enjoys hitting a concert on a Friday night, or both, we can help you. One important element is the fact that online dating and be2 is for everyone; it works for any personality. We can help you find a match or find dates for all of your interests.

Try be2 for date filled with excitement

Experience the fun of dating with be2

Let your experience be the next success story and join be2 to find a date. You will not hesitate to tell your friends about the interesting dates you have been on where you could not stop talking. This means your first date jitters and questionable conversation starters could be history. be2 will work to find you a date match to try to make each and every date worth your time.

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Lyn, Sydney, 41
I was fed up looking through thousands of unsuitable profiles on other sites. With be2 it was different. My match list was easy to use and it just sent me matches relevant to my education and interests.
Greg, Melbourne, 56
I had only been on this site a short time when I met a really lovely lady. In spite of the fact that we live several miles apart, we decided to give it a go. True love knows no boundaries!